March 5, 2014

40 days / 40 nights

The Lenten Season is upon us...
Happy Ash Wednesday All! 

Jordan and I rang in FAT TUESDAY last night by hitting up Taco Bell and dranking up my favorite light blue fizzy drank-- a-Baja-Blast! Yum! Yum!
We have both decided to focus a little more on our health [at least for the next 40 days] and give up soda and sweets. Jordan is giving up candy; I am not sure if that includes Swiss Rolls? But I am taking a little bit more of a Halloween-ey approach and giving up buying sweets-- I mean, if someone drops a few packages of Girl Scout cookies on my doorstep, I am certainly not going to let them go to waste.

As always, I have given up Facebook as well. Last night I logged out of my account on all devices so even if I absent-mindedly typed in the address I wouldn't accidentally view the forbidden fruit! I even removed the app from my home page on phone and iPad... temptation you can't get me!! I think this year is going to be a little harder than usual because I am just home with Harrison and my time is not occupied with work. Being at home with Harrison is exactly the reason that this years purge is so important to me though-- I hate how much he sees me on my phone. I play with him and give him plenty of attention, but often times it is not my full, undivided attention, and he deserves that!

Catholic, Mormon, Agnostic, or nothing at all...
Whatever you call yourself, Lent is a great time to focus LESS on the things of the world that may be holding us back from being our best selves-- and I encourage you to join in the challenge!


Melissa said...

I understand, but I still don't like it... Not criticizing, just discussing, but there should be long term goals to giving up things in life if there is a healthy (physical or psychological) reason to do so. Otherwise you are only giving up something for lent, which is essentially a holiday, and (open minds here) really just a tradition. After lent, maybe go back to Facebook only after noon? I can understand not wanting H to see you on the phone all of the time, but he'll still be watching in 41 days. Don't let lent be the reason, make H the reason. ;-)

Tabitha Yovino said...

1. Aim is an option for posting... tell me, who still uses that??!

2. I gave up Facebook 6 months ago. 6 months free and sober. Its GREAT!

3. Candy crush.. now THAT! would be oober hard to give up! Its like crack. Candy crack. Candy crushing, crack. CRRRRACCKKKK

4. I am going to steal your baby. Hug him, and squeeze him, and love himmmmm! (For reeealllllls)

5. I miss you!!!